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Keep Your Plane In the Air With Quality Aircraft Engines

Advance Trade Aerospace, LLC in Valencia, California, is also an international supplier for all types of aftermarket parts, including aircraft engines and airplane propellers. We follow all quality control requirements and are strictly regulated. Committed to providing the quality assurance you deserve, we are ASA-100 accredited certified number "41021016-1" and offer on-site quality control management. Upon establishing an account with us, you are provided with a personal account representative and an AOG line that you can contact around the clock for services.

Please contact for a complete list of our inventory and capabilities list.


If you need to replace or repair a structural element on your aircraft, we have all the parts you need. We stock products from the following categories:

• ATA 51 Standard Practices and Structures - General
• ATA 52 Doors
• ATA 53 Fuselage
• ATA 54 Nacelles/Pylons
• ATA 55 Stabilizers
• ATA 56 Windows
• ATA 57 Wings


Ensure your aircraft runs properly and safely transports passengers by purchasing through Advance Trade Aerospace. We offer various products to power and support your aircraft in the following categories:

• ATA 61 Propellers
• ATA 70 Standard Practices Engine
• ATA 71 Powerplant
• ATA 72 Engine General
• ATA 73 Engine - Fuel and Control
• ATA 74 Ignition
• ATA 75 Bleed Air
• ATA 76 Engine Controls
• ATA 77 Engine Indicating
• ATA 78 Exhaust
• ATA 79 Oil
• ATA 80 Starting
• ATA 81 Turbines (Reciprocating Engines)
• ATA 82 Engine Water Injection
• ATA 83 Accessory Gearboxes
• ATA 84 Propulsion Augmentation
• ATA 85 Fuel Cell Systems